Bold actions women have taken to help improve and develop your own, or a fellow community member’s livelihood, well-being or goals.

Wednesday March 8th, 2017 is International Women’s Day (IWD). It is a global day for celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This year, the theme for International Women’s Day is “Be Bold for Change”.
At TBM, we recognize the importance of a gender inclusive work environment and strive to promote awareness to help drive positive change for women. On IWD, TBM pledges to celebrate the achievements of the women within our work community, reflect on the remarkable acts of women, advocate and take action towards greater change for women.

How will TBM promote awareness of International Women’s Day?

Staff at all locations will be provided with TBM tee-shirts to wear to work on March 8th with the Logo and Slogan for International Women’s Day 2017. We ask Managers and Supervisors to remind your staff to wear the tee-shirts, strike up conversations with staff about the importance of International Women’s Day and share stories with each other on your own achievements or of a woman you know that brought about greater change for her well being.

How will TBM support the 2017 “Be Bold for Change” the subject of a talk?

For selected locations, Women Supervisors and Managers are asked to champion the following:

  • Identify a few men or women staff and ask them to share via a 30-second video clip on “what bold action they have taken to help improve or develop their own or another person’s likelihood / well-being/ career.”
  • The video clip can be taken via a smartphone. You will have to submit the video clip to Head Office (chris@tbmservicegroup.com) prior to March 8th.
  • The videos will be posted on the TBM website for March 8th.
  • Management will select a person for recognition of their bold achievement.

The videos will tell a story and these stories will be shared within our work community for awareness, for inspiration and for encouragement.TBM also encourages Supervisors and Managers to share your stories of what bold actions you have taken to improve your own likelihood or career.

We look forward to launching this great initiative with our work community.


TBM Service Group

Letters from our Staff

My mother gave me life and nurtured and protected me during my infancy, childhood and teenage years. She has also taught me to take chances in life and always pursue my dreams.

My dear wife has always encouraged me to be better and better. She has faithfully been by my side in both good times and bad times. She helps me keep on being human. Without her, I would just be a sad caveman wondering what to do.

I always respect and remember women and the vital role they have always played in the human family and assigning them their well deserved honour for their magnificent contribution towards mankind. Joshua

 I am Norma Gacosta, a working mom with one child. I came here in Canada as a Live in Caregiver way back 2009. However, after I got my open work permit, I started my full time job at GBC as cleaner. I have been working here for almost 5 years now, I find myself comfortable and  at ease doing my task and working with people I am with.
         As for my self assessment, my life as a worker here had a big impact in terms of supporting myself, my daughter and my family back home. It has been giving me  a lot  of opportunity even in helping other people too. I am so much grateful that I got this job, and if given a chance and time I am still wanting and eager to upgrade my studies for more brighter future.

I am Naleny and I would like to thank my Supervisor very much for the Bus Driver Training opportunity provided to me at the Arrow Garage.

My home garage is Malvern complex, and I’ve been employed as a Special Cleaner since the garage opened in 2013. I was very much interested in upgrading myself and my position from Special Clean to Driver, so in June 2016, I took a bold action and obtained my BZ license.

After receiving my BZ license, I approached my manager at the Malvern Garage and discussed my desire to be transferred from Special Clean to Driver. I was willing to receive training, and be put on a wait list until a position opened up for me, and since then I’ve been waiting to hear back.

I am still pursuing my goal to be transferred from Special Clean to Driver. I am flexible with my hours, and although my home garage is Malvern, I am willing to travel to Arrow for this position if needed. I have acquired a lot of knowledge since my training and am looking forward to continuing to utilize it.

In support of this cause, it’s an honour to be invited to speak about women who traveled those lonely roads to be the first one in the courthouse and also boardrooms. We honour the women who refused to listen to those who would say that you couldn’t do it and shouldn’t pursue your dreams. We honour women who may not have had many opportunities in their own lives and we all knew women like that.

Women are naturally powerful, bold for change and every woman should have the right to pursue their dreams and to become a successful individual.

Today women are creating history all over the world. I am speaking today on behalf of all woman, mother, daughter and sister. We can join together to help change and make a difference.

The basic of humility is self-esteem and dignity this must be our fight together to open our eyes to these things that matter and restore the aspirations that has been shattered.

At TBM (Eglinton Garage) we value women of different cultures. Women play a   major role in our company.

Without women, we will not be where we are today.

“In recent years women around the world have begun to take action.

We have proven that this is no longer a “man’s world”. We have proven to society that we are capable of handling multiple tasks. Women have achieved what the world deemed impossible for us. We are leaders, we are mentors, we continue to achieve the impossible. Since the women have been told to stick to doing a woman’s job.

We have shown greatness in taking on challenges. Such as being a sole provider for our children and families, to dominating the work industry. We women have changed and broke societies boundaries. We continue to enforce our rights to lead by example, learn from our mistakes, so our children and those looking up to us, can see what a amazing women, like ourselves can bring to the table.

We are some of the worlds greatest leaders. Our inspiration come from our past which will push us to become great at everything we do. Our past does not define us. Our actions for a better future for women around the world does.”


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