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Our philosophy of excellence in every aspect of our business means consistently improving what we do and has led to industry changing products and services. For clients, it means a partnership with a thought leader in the space.


Pulsed UV Light

Through our internal R&D programming, TBM Service Group has been at the forefront of research in to pulsed UV light technology for over 20 years.

This technology, based on intermittently firing high energy bursts through a xenon gas filled bulb, has a number of extremely high value applications in service areas wherein we operate.

Proven in Healthcare

In the healthcare environment use of pulsed UV light has become an industry best technology for use in automated or secondary disinfection of the patient care environment.

An inconvenient truth is that a patient is 2.5X more likely to acquire an infection if the previous patient in their room had an infection. This leads to billions in costs and hundreds of thousands of deaths annually.

Through clinical trials in top US hospitals the use of pulsed UV disinfection has been found to reduce infection rates by 20-100%. Learn more about this lifesaving healthcare technology pioneered by our sister company Solaris here.

In Food Safety

In the food processing environment pulsed UV is a burgeoning technology ready to make a big impact. From process applications to a final step in sanitation this technology represents a game changing tool.

Our research team has engineered our pulsed UV food safety systems to maximize impact on pathogens of major safety concern in the food processing environment. In seconds our system deactivates and eliminates the threat of bacteria like Listeria and E.coli.

There is no shortage of applications for pulsed UV in the food processing space. Our team of operations leaders and engineers will craft bespoke technological solutions to ensure food safety at any step in your process. Learn more.


Floor Coating

QwikUV Instant Floor Coatings is a UV-cured floor coating technology that drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to re-coat a floor and maintenance costs associated with commercial and institutional flooring.

Our QwikUV floor coating eliminates the need for regular buffing, burnishing, stripping and re-coating – expensive processes that create waste and are environmentally harmful.

  • Better for the environment.
  • Cleaner floors.
  • Safer working conditions.
  • High gloss, visual appeal.
  • Cost effective.
  • Reduced maintenance.


There are many different types of systems available on the market today including WiFi, Radio and Beacons, but all require hardware or the combination of multiple systems working together to locate a position indoors. Positioning accuracy varies greatly but can be increased at the expense of infrastructure equipment and installations. This is where we differ.

We created the world’s first ubiquitous indoor positioning cloud platform that leverages geomagnetic technology. The software-only IPS requires no large scale purchase, installation or maintenance of hardware to pinpoint a person’s location and our “blue dot” delivers 1-2 meters accuracy. What’s more, our technology can utilize other technologies, such as WiFi, for even further optimization.


Research & Development

Everything starts with an idea. At TBM, our spirit of inspiration has led to the formation of a dedication innovation department. Exploring opportunities to optimize client revenue, refining industry practices and, most importantly, developing ideas.


Interested in learning more about our innovative solutions for your industry?