TBM’s experience extends far beyond our core value as an onsite managed services provider. Our exposure to a variety of organizations, institutions and cultures is wide and extensive. You provide the challenge, we develop the solution.




Facility Services

With over 30 years of progressive experience in the facilities management and custodial space across the country, our end-to-end process is optimized at every level. Clients receive the full benefit of our project management expertise, tireless staff and the most advanced products on the market. From an initial discovery meeting to understand the full scope of client requirements, to assessing an optimal execution strategy, to the highest standards of accuracy in billing. Clients are included in the process at every step across our real-time data delivery platform.

Over 30 years of service produces other benefits as well. Check out the full scope and range of market sectors we have worked across:

  • Government Institutions
  • Education
  • Hospitals / Healthcare
  • Long-term Care Facilities
  • Public / Private Transit
  • Professional / Financial Services
  • Heavy Industry / Warehouse
  • Retail / Consumer Environments
  • Airports
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Specialization is increasingly in demand in today’s niche-oriented marketplace. one area TBM is particularly experienced is the care and custodial management of mass transit vehicles. In both the public and private transport industry, our process for ensuring a consistent hygiene level and operating efficiency has been refined for years. Despite the longevity of experience, we continue to integrate new products, new processes and up to date thinking into this service area.

If the best indicator of future results is past behavior, then our expertise and efficiency in the transport space will surely continue to grow.

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Food Sanitation

In an increasingly regulated marketplace, sanitation standards in the food and beverage processing industry have never been more demanding. Industrial food plant sanitation requires stringent quality standards, health and safety standards, employee training, worker’s compensation and a host of other considerations.

Our comprehensive suite of services enable our clients to ensure a consistently high standard of safety and hygiene along with the ability to rapidly respond to changes in production scheduling. These services are built upon our foundation of global standards certifications and supported by comprehensive technological record keeping and reporting solutions.

However, we do not stop there. TBM also brings to the table a number of process innovations to improve sanitation quality and reduce downtime disruptions. Our pulsed UV disinfection system destroys pathogens such as Listeria and E.coli in seconds, while our UV cured floor coatings replace your epoxy floor coatings and cure instantly, eliminating costly plant maintenance shut downs.

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Customer Experience

Our dedication to adding additional value to our client operating efficiencies has led us to offer a range of front and back-of- house services. We understand that culture and efficient processes begin from within, and our customer service value-adds cater to both your internal team and extern customer base.

We provide customer service teams and concierge services across a wide range of sectors. From retail to professional services, from security, hospitality porterage and reception services in hospitals to reception desk and mailroom management in business environments, our entire range of customer service teams can be customized to fit the exact needs of nearly any market segment.

All staff are outfitted with bespoke training to uphold your company values and processes, with enhanced training in trending best practices for customer care development and support services. All seamlessly integrated into your day to day business practices to reduce disruption and ensure continued efficiency.

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Aviation Services

As customer care standards continue to reach new heights in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, the demands for niche services in certain segments of the market will surely continue to grow.

At TBM, we help support the flag of aviation services across the globe with maintenance and value-add service support for aircraft, airports, and passenger services. We combine our global expertise and specialist knowledge base to ensure world class supply chain solutions across the broad gamut of airside and landside support services.

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Facility Services
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Facility Services

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