TBM Service Group is a full spectrum onsite managed services company based in Canada. We offer a wide variety of services to meet the needs of our customers. Our decades of experience, familial client-services style and rigorous staff training standards are simply second to none.

We started as a family business and have maintained the mindset as we grew from Winnipeg to Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. We take pride in our heritage and that is evident by our high employee retention rate. Partnering with us means more than joining a team, it means being a member of our family.


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Our clients appreciate many of the things we do to support their business. The way we manage their demands through our non-disruptive service integration and accurate billing best practices are high on that list. However, one consistent reason our long-term clients appreciate (some of which dating back to 30 years) is our never-ending quest to add value.

By constantly refining our processes, our thinking and how we approach the services we offer to our existing clients, we always find ourselves in a position to increase the benefits of partnering with us.

While our values and service offering continue to evolve with the changing demands of today’s progressive business climate, one aspect of our business will always remain the same; our dedication to the highest standards of excellence in client services.

And, we have the awards and industry recognition to prove it.


Our vision is and will forever remain the same, to progressively grow, improve and refine our service offering to clients. In other words, ours is a culture of cultivation.

Across every aspect of our business, from internal operations to external delivery, we are uncompromising in our pursuit of growth and development at every step. This philosophy extends to every staff member, and we are proud to announce that a large majority of our senior management staff started at the entry level and now contribute to shape and deepen our culture.

Part of this culture includes adopting, and often, developing the necessary technology to improve what we do. Without ignoring the details of day to day business, our focus is always on the horizon so our clients, and staff can remain secure that we are at the very cutting edge of the industry.


While many organizations often mistake priorities for values, the distinction for TBM has always been clear. Priorities can change regularly, at times even daily. Values are the bedrock of any business, and a consistent foundation for growth.

Quality consumer satisfaction should always remain the pinnacle of any service industry. In this regard, our efforts are exhaustive and continue to reap industry recognition for both quality, and innovation.

However, the reason we are able to consistently excel at what we do is due to our intensive hiring practices, integrity in aspects of the business such as billing, and our desire to exceed client expectations at every step.

At TBM, values are not a part of what we do, they are at the core of everything we do.




The recognition of a job well done makes overcoming the challenges of day to day business quite satisfying. Our industry partners and clients have honoured our efforts throughout the years with some of the industry’s highest awards. For TBM, having formed successful partnerships with some of Canada’s leading organizations is rewarding enough.



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